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5 creative holiday gifts, laser machines help you achieve personalized customization

Before the holidays, what gifts would you prepare for your family? Gifts made by yourself are the most meaningful and the making process is the most interesting. Here are some holiday gifts that can be made using an N.C. laser machine. Hope you can surprise your friends and family during the holidays.

1) Customized leather diary

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Vintage notebook with high quality leather engraving using laser machine. The cover is full of magic and makes people full of fantasy.

2) Engraved Plaque

Give your yard a rustic look with these DIY plaques. You can still create your own style plaque with a laser machine that reflects your taste.

3) Carved wooden wine glasses

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This wooden wine glass with your own custom logo is very meaningful. You can engrave any exquisite pattern with the N.C. laser machine!

4) Custom cutting board with recipes

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You can try using an N.C. laser machine to engrave beautiful patterns on wooden cutting boards. This will become a very meaningful and exclusive gift for your Friends and Family!

5) Slate cheese/charcuterie tray

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Print your exclusive logo on this deli tray, which can show a high-end feel during family gatherings. It is also the best gift to give to relatives and friends as a thoughtful gift.

With N.C.’s laser engraving machines, you can give a variety of gifts exclusive character and a premium feel.If you would like to bring a special gift to your family or friends for your next holiday, please contact our sales team directly. SALES@NORMALTANCN.COM.We can bring you the perfect laser engraving solution.