7 Safety Tips for N.C. Laser Cutting Machine During Operation

About ‘safety tips for laser cutting machine‘,Normaltan China summarized 7 safety tips,since safety as the primary goal could ensure the efficiency of production.

safety tips for N.C. laser cutting machine
  1. Operate according to the equipment manual:

Equipment operators must operate in strict accordance with the equipment manual. Before the laser cutting machine is turned on, the operator should operate according to the shortcut. Wear appropriate protective equipment is necessary.Appropriate protective PPE should be worn to protect the body from radiation and sparks.

  1. Precautions before starting the laser cutting machine:

Ensure that the processing materials can be processed by the laser cutting machine to avoid unnecessary losses. Non-professional operation is prohibited.Operating a laser cutting machine requires professional skills and experience.So non-professionals are prohibited from operating it.

  1. Precautions after starting the laser cutting machine:

After the laser cutting machine is started, the operator should remain at the operating site and observe the machine’s operating status at all times. If the operator needs to leave his job temporarily, he should entrust other people to observe the operation of the machine in advance or shut down the equipment directly. The laser cutting machine will generate high temperatures during operation.so it is necessary to pay attention to whether the machine is overheated. If the machine is overheated, stop using it and wait for the machine to cool down before continuing to use it.

  1.  About the training before the laser cutting machine:

Operating a laser cutting machine requires professional skills and experience. so before operating, We should receive professional training first.and then we could understand the correct operation methods and safety precautions. The laser beams used by laser cutters are harmful and may cause eye damage. When operating the laser cutting machine, the laser beam should not be observed directly.We can be observed through a professional observation window.

  1. Regarding the safe position of the laser cutting machine:

The laser cutting machine should be placed in a safe place: The laser cutting machine should be placed in a safe place, away from flammable and explosive items, to prevent fires. The fire extinguisher should be equipped next to the laser cutting machine.and the operator can control it at any time. In the event of an accident, the loss can be minimized.

  1.  Inspection and maintenance of laser cutting machine:

Laser cutting machines need frequent inspection and maintenance.To ensure the normal operation of the machine and prevent failures and dangers. The laser cutting machine processing site needs to be cleaned from time to time .To ensure that the processing site is clean and orderly.

Install a proper exhaust system is necessary.A lot of smoke and dust will be generated during the laser cutting process. These substances are harmful to health.It is necessary to install a proper exhaust system to ensure that the indoor air is fresh.

  1. Precautions after laser cutting machine processing:

Turn off the equipment in time after the laser cutting machine finishes processing. The X and Y axis positioning inspection of the equipment needs to be accurate.To ensure that the laser cutting machine has no faults.

Do not change the settings of the laser cutting machine at will.The parameters and settings of the laser cutting machine should be adjusted by professional technicians.Non-professionals should not change them at will.

There is no doubt that ‘safe production’ is the primary focus of processors. Processing safety is the premise to ensure production. Without safe production, the company’s production efficiency is out of the question. From this point of view, while operating the laser cutting machine safely, we also create more value for the enterprise.