The application of laser cutting in acrylic is widespread,especially in the advertising industry? Today, Normaltan China will introduce to you the role of laser cutting in the field of advertising.

The advertising sign industry often uses thin plates below 1mm. The main materials are stainless steel, aluminum plate, galvanized plate and acrylic, copper plate, and titanium alloy plate. Among them, acrylic has the characteristics of good light transmission, wear resistance, and plasticity, and is widely used in the advertising industry.

Application of laser cutting in acrylic in the advertising industry

Application of laser cutting in acrylic


Using a laser cutter for acrylic has great advantages. Equipment maintenance costs are low and energy consumption is low. Using a laser cutting machine to process acrylic has high cutting precision, the workpiece section is smooth and does not require secondary processing. For the cutting process of complex graphic design, the laser cutting machine has strong flexibility and stability, which not only reduces the difficulty of acrylic processing but also improves the diversity of products. The design of the advertising industry mostly pursues personalization, and the flexibility of non-contact processing of laser cutting machines can meet the various needs of users.

Acrylic IOL Words

Acrylic can make various acrylic IOL characters by laser cutting machine. Laser-cutting acrylic cuts workpieces with minimal thermal impact. Avoid deformation during acrylic processing. For complex graphics cutting work, the laser cutting machine can ensure the smooth surface of the cut.

Laser-cutting machines can precisely cut text patterns on acrylic. Through computer programming technology, product graphics of different shapes can be imported into the computer software system in advance, and the computer will automatically optimize the material layout, reducing the loss rate of processed materials. The colorful acrylic billboards that people see in the city are the “masterpieces” of laser-cutting machines.

Acrylic gift

From conference gifts to trophies and other commendation supplies, laser-cutting machines can produce satisfactory results through the acrylic. Moreover, the cost of the mold is saved, and the whole process is low-noise and pollution-free.

To sum up, the Application of laser cutting in acrylic in the field of advertising is widespread, especially in acrylic cutting products. NORMALTAN CHINA is willing to help your business development. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us (