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Application Advantages of Laser Cutting Machines In the Kitchenware Industry

Nowadays, the application advantages of laser cutting machines in the kitchenware industry are becoming more and more obvious. For kitchenware manufacturers, the processing technology determines the quality of kitchenware, and the quality determines the price and profit of kitchenware. Normaltan China tries to explain the application advantages of laser cutting machines in the kitchenware industry from the following points..

Application advantages of laser cutting machines in the  kitchenware industry

The advantages of using laser cutting machines in the kitchenware manufacturing industry mainly include the following points:

1.High precision:

The laser cutting machine uses high-precision beams for cutting, which can achieve high-precision and high-precision cutting, which can meet the requirements of the kitchenware manufacturing industry for product precision and size, and improve production efficiency and product quality.

The high-precision cutting of the laser cutting machine makes the cutting edge smooth without other processing. This is especially important for cookware that requires precise dimensions to ensure that the manufactured product will meet the design requirements. The automated operation controlled by a computer can precisely control cutting direction and speed. Moreover, the automatic operation also reduces the possibility of human intervention and operational errors, further improving cutting accuracy.

     2. Fast cutting:

The cutting speed of the laser cutting machine is faster than the traditional mechanical cutting process, which can greatly shorten the production cycle and improve production efficiency, reducing manufacturing costs and waste of resources. For sheet metal raw materials, laser cutting machines have better cutting speeds. Laser-cutting machines are very suitable for cutting thin plates and can complete multiple cuttings of different shapes at one time, which improves production efficiency and shortens the manufacturing cycle. Its excellent flexibility can be adjusted to different cutting shapes and sizes according to needs, to meet different manufacturing needs.

3.Good cutting quality:

Laser cutters have many quality advantages in kitchenware manufacturing that make them a very popular cutting tool. Here are some of the key advantages.

Laser cutters are extremely precise. Laser cutters use a high-energy-density laser beam to cut metal or other materials into desired shapes and sizes. The diameter of the laser beam is very small, usually, only a few millimeters, so precise cuts can be made in very small spaces. This precision makes laser cutters ideal for cutting kitchenware parts of all shapes, such as knife handles, blades, pot lids, and more.

The surface of the product cut by the laser cutting machine is smooth, free of burrs, deformation, and cracks, with good cutting quality and consistency, which can effectively reduce the scrap rate and rework rate.

     4. Wide applicability:

The laser cutting machine can cut metal sheets of various shapes, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, etc., and can meet the needs of different types of kitchenware products.

     5. Environmental protection and energy saving:

Laser cutting machine uses electric energy to cut. Compared with the traditional mechanical cutting process, it does not produce waste gas, wastewater, waste residue, and other pollutants. It can realize energy-saving and environmental protection products, which are in line with the sustainable development concept of modern society.

Minimizes material waste due to computer-controlled cutting path. This is especially important in the kitchenware manufacturing industry where reducing waste saves money due to high material costs.

6. Advantages of equipment structure

6.1 Structure

The rigidity of the structure is designed according to industrial production-grade CNC lathe specifications. The ground stress formed in the process of production, processing, and electric welding is eliminated.

6.2Welding process

To extremely weaken the vibration of the CNC lathe during operation, a honeycomb electric welding structure is selected. This application has a great influence on the laser cutting machine body, which can reduce the driving force of the motor and evenly distribute it to various areas of the CNC lathe.

6.3 High-precision anti-slip laser cutting head

Stable pushing tissue and optical components are the advantages of the laser head of the laser cutting machine. It can keep the laser cutting machine cutting smoothly under the condition of fast operation. There is no difficulty in cutting plates of different thicknesses. It is an essential spare part for industrial production cutting.

The laser cutting machine uses the characteristics of laser non-contact production, and the cut products have no extrusion deformation and fast cutting. Metal material laser cutting machine has high processing precision. The heat-affected zone of the workpiece processed by laser is small, the thermal deformation of the workpiece is small, and the amount of subsequent processing is small.

This is also the reason why more and more kitchenware manufacturing companies have begun to choose Normaltan China laser cutting machines for processing. Laser cutting machine processing kitchen equipment can ensure low processing cost, reasonable layout, and save raw materials. The introduction improves the profit of the production enterprise and reduces the production cost of the enterprise.

To sum up, the laser cutting machine has significant advantages in the use of kitchenware manufacturing, which can improve product quality and production efficiency, reduce production costs and waste of resources, and is an indispensable production tool for modern kitchenware manufacturing.