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glass and metal CO2 laser tubes

Comparative analysis of glass and metal CO2 laser tubes

Choose the laser tube that best suits your needs

Comparative analysis of Glass and Metal laser tube.

If you plan to purchase a CO2 laser machine, the following issues need to be investigated. First you need to choose “water-cooled glass tube” and “air-cooled metal tube”. N.C. Glass and metal CO2 laser tubes come with metal tubes. The performance of metal laser tubes will be stronger than that of glass and metal laser tubes.

  1. Glass laser tube

    Water-cooled glass tubes are very attractively priced. The main reasons are the low cost of the glass tube itself and the low-cost process of producing the laser by exciting the gas with direct current (DC). At the same time, glass tubes are suitable for generating high-quality beams for laser cutting.

    As for the disadvantages of glass tubes, almost all glass tubes require water cooling for cooling. As we all know, glass is a relatively weak heat dissipator, which means circulating water is needed to remove heat. Without a water cooling system, the performance of the glass laser tube will be affected. This cooling system design will increase the cost and area of purchased equipment.

    Water cooling systems also pose safety concerns. The DC power supply used to activate CO2 gas in a glass laser tube needs to operate at very high voltages. When you combine such high voltage levels with a water cooling system, the results can be fatal if something goes wrong.

    The DC excitation process limits the pulse speed of the laser tube. When laser engraving, the light cannot be emitted continuously. It “pulses” as it moves over the material, firing multiple times per second. Due to the low pulse frequency of the DC-excited laser tube, the engraving speed is slowed down and the engraving quality is reduced.

    Direct current also creates problems with the service life of the glass tube. Glass is known to be more susceptible to damage than metal. The biggest failure problem of glass tubes is that ions will bombard the optical devices and electrodes of the glass tube during the DC excitation process, which will accelerate the aging of the glass tube. Most glass tubes only have a 6-month warranty. Such a short warranty period will increase costs.

    Metal laser tube

    The disadvantage of metal laser tubes is their higher cost. Metal laser tubes have advantages in performance and safety.

    N.C.’s CO2 laser tube adopts an air-cooling design and can generate high-speed laser pulses. This method allows the laser engraving machine to have an efficient engraving speed. Additionally, metal tubes last longer than glass alternatives.

    N.C. Laser’s laser engraving equipment is tailor-made for our customers, and our equipment has excellent performance. At the same time, the metal laser tube does not need to be replaced.

    Glass laser tubes are extremely cost-effective products, while metal laser tubes have a long working duration and efficient engraving speed.

    To inquire about laser cutting machine solutions, please contact our customer service directly. N.C. Laser will be happy to provide you with full service.