Consumable parts of fiber laser cutting machine

A guide to fiber laser cutting machine Consumable Parts, Normaltan China will explore this topic with you.

A fiber laser cutting machine is a precision instrument, and the role of wearing parts is very important. The user needs to prepare the inventory of wearing parts in advance to ensure the normal operation of the machine and ensure that production and processing will not be interrupted. So which are the more common wearing parts? How to commemorate the maintenance of these wearing parts?

Consumable parts of fiber laser cutting machine

The wearing parts of the fiber laser cutting machine are mainly divided into two parts: optical components and cutting head wearing parts. Consumable parts of optical components mainly include protective lenses. The wearing parts of the cutting head mainly include nozzles, ceramic bodies, ceramic rings, sealing rings, sensor cables, etc. Let us introduce you, to the protective lens, the cutting nozzle, and the ceramic ring.

  1. Protective lenses

The function of the laser protective lens is to block the splash of sundries and protect the lens. Both sides of the protective lens are anti-reflection coated to reduce reflection. The replacement period of the protective lens is 3 months. The specific replacement frequency needs to be judged according to the usage of the fiber laser cutting machine.

  1. Cutting nozzle

The function of the cutting nozzle is to ensure the rapid ejection of the auxiliary gas, prevent the rebound of debris such as melting stains, and finally achieve the purpose of protecting the focusing lens. The nozzle controls the gas diffusion area and size. Normally, the nozzle replacement cycle is about two months. We can think that the cutting nozzle is the most frequently replaced wearing part of the fiber laser cutting machine.

  1. Ceramic ring

The purpose of the ceramic ring is to insulate and create a capacitive effect at the tip of the cutting head. In addition, the hardness of the ceramic is moderate, which can ensure that it will be broken immediately in the event of a collision, and avoid joint damage to other components. If an unqualified ceramic ring is selected, the probability of damage to the cutting head sensor, breakage of the thimble, and breakage of the sensor body will be greatly increased.

Maintenance of wearing parts?

Protective lens maintenance: When operating according to the instructions, the operator must wear gloves, and the air is dry and oil-free. Clean surface contamination with clean wipes and optical solvent according to operating instructions.

Nozzle: Ensure the cleanliness of the nozzle and clean the molten dirt regularly.

Ceramic rings: Make sure the ceramic ring specifications meet the size requirements of the specification. Choose the ceramic body with original ceramic material hardness.

The above is the maintenance method for the wearing parts of the laser cutting machine. If you have other questions about the wearing parts of the laser cutting machine, please feel free to contact us ( The Normaltan China team will serve you wholeheartedly.