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A fiber laser cutting machine can’t cut through the product? The solution is here

In the daily operation of the fiber laser CNC cutting machine, the cutting effect is not ideal and the workpiece cannot be cut through. Greatly reduced our work efficiency. Today, Normaltan China analyzes the causes and solutions of this situation together with you.

reasons for laser cutting machine downtime

The reason why the workpiece cannot be cut completely

laser power

With the use of laser cutting equipment, the laser power provided by the laser tube has decreased. The workpiece cannot be cut completely

Unreasonable cutting speed

Improper cutting speed will also cause the workpiece to be cut incompletely and cannot be cut through. If the cutting speed is too fast, there will inevitably be missed cuts, resulting in incomplete cutting.

Dirty optics

Optical components include focusing mirrors, mirrors, etc. Once the surface of the optical element is not clean, it is easy to reduce the laser power of the equipment, resulting in an unsatisfactory cutting effect.

Insufficient pressure of auxiliary gas

When cutting, the auxiliary gas pressure is too low to blow off the residue, which will lead to the incomplete cutting of the workpiece.

Solution for Cutting effect is not ideal

Check the power supply of the laser cutting machine, if the power drops, the laser tube needs to be replaced in time.

Cutting Speed

If the cutting speed is too fast, the depth of cutting the workpiece will be affected, and, likely, the workpiece cannot be cut through. NORMALTAN CHINA recommends adjusting the speed to match the power and speed.

Check the Optics of The Laser Tube

If the lens is dirty, clean the lens. Guaranteed to maintain the cleanliness of optical components on time.

Auxiliary Gas Pressure

We should regularly clean up the stains on the nozzle and increase the pressure of the auxiliary gas. Replace the distilled water in the cooling system in time.

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