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Discuss the application of laser welding technology in the automobile manufacturing industry

‘Exploring the application of laser welding technology in automobile manufacturing’ is a hot topic. Normaltan China would like to introduce to you that laser cutting technology is applied to the automobile manufacturing industry, targeting topics such as tailor welding of thick plates, body welding, and parts welding.

Laser welding technology has the characteristics of high speed, minimal deformation, and non-contact welding. The use of laser welding in the manufacturing process of auto parts can not only reduce the weight of the car but also improve production efficiency and ensure quality stability. Laser welding mainly includes two parts in automobile body manufacturing: body assembly welding and custom welding.

Discuss the application of laser welding technology in the automobile manufacturing industry

Laser Filler Welding Technology

Body assembly mainly includes roof and side pillars, tailgate, body bracket, and door welding. With the advent of laser welding technology, the roof of the car is gradually transformed into a whole piece of flat steel plate. This is the effect of laser filler welding. Filler welding achieves the effect through the thermal effect of the laser and melts the welding wire, and then fills it between the two workpieces to achieve the welding effect. The thermal deformation of the workpiece during the filling welding process is small, and the weld seam is beautiful.

Laser welding technology

No filler is required during laser fusion welding. The laser welds directly on the surface of the workpiece. Fusion welding is divided into penetration welding and heat conduction welding according to the energy density of the laser beam.

The characteristics of the two methods are as follows:

Penetration welding: deeper penetration, faster welding speed. The welding process is completed in a short time, and thick metal materials can be welded. In addition, penetration welding is performed at different angles and positions with high flexibility.

Heat conduction welding: heat conduction is the main method. The strong high temperature generated by laser convergence at one point melts the workpiece and welds through a thermal effect. This welding method is mostly used for tailored welding of flat plates. The application of laser welding in the automotive industry can reduce the weight of the car body and reduce the use of molds. Improve work efficiency and improve product competitiveness.

To sum up, laser welding technology has been widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry. In the process of body assembly and custom welding, this technology continues to reduce the cost of enterprises. It has a very broad application prospect. If you have any questions about laser welding machines, please feel free to contact us. Normaltan China is committed to the research and development of laser welding technology and the formulation of solutions.