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What cost advantages can a handheld laser welder bring compared to traditional welding?

handheld laser welder advantages

About handheld laser welder advantages. The laser welding machine adopts a new laser welding process, which is easy to operate and does not require complicated technical training. Because the heat-affected zone of laser welding is small, the pass rate of welded products is as high as 99%. The workpiece does not need secondary treatment after laser welding, which improves the welding efficiency and saves labor costs. Today, Normaltan China will discuss with you “What cost advantages can hand-held laser welding machines bring compared to traditional welding?”

What cost savings can a handheld laser welding machine save?

  1. Save labor cost

Hand-held laser welding machines replace traditional professional welders because of their simple operation. Handheld laser welding machines have relatively low technical requirements. The operator can operate after mastering some basic computer knowledge and machine operation skills. Compared with traditional welding machines, handheld laser welding machines do not require professional operators. The welding effect is beautiful. The weld seam is full and smooth, and only needs simple polishing, which reduces the grinding process and saves the cost of grinding.

  1. Save working hours and improve economic benefits

From the perspective of welding efficiency, the handheld laser welding machine is 5-10 times that of ordinary welding. While saving man-hours, it improves the economic benefits of the enterprise.

  1. Welding cost savings

Compared with the cost perspective of traditional welding methods, laser welding saves about 80% to 90% of electric energy, and the processing cost can be reduced by about 30%. It is worth mentioning that manual laser welding does not require a secondary grinding process, and the welding effect is more beautiful after simple polishing.

In summary, compared with traditional welding equipment, handheld laser welding machines can save time and cost for enterprises and improve economic benefits. This is why more and more processing companies choose handheld laser welding machines. The operation mode of the laser welding machine is simple and flexible, and the processing effect is worthy of choice and trust. NORMALTAN CHINA is a Chinese laser equipment manufacturer with many years of experience. We provide you with professional laser welding solutions. For more information, please contact sales@normaltancn.com