How to buy an efficient laser cleaning machine? Professional advice

How to buy an efficient laser cleaning machine? Today, Normaltan China will discuss related topics with you.

When your products are covered with rust, grease, oil, cement, paint or other contaminants, whether your products are metal products or non-metal products. The laser cleaning machine performs the cleaning work directly. In addition, laser cleaning machines are also widely used in the preparation process before welding. Before welding or painting, the surface of the workpiece is cleaned by a laser cleaning machine. Such a procedure is advantageous for achieving a welding effect or paint adhesion.

efficient laser cleaning machine

Before using the laser cleaning machine, we need to understand the following issues first.

  1. The material of the material substrate
  2. The thickness and type of contaminants on the workpiece surface to be cleaned
  3. Cleaning rate

According to your actual needs, you can choose the type of laser cleaning agent. Handheld and automatic laser cleaning systems.

If you have certain requirements for the mobility and flexibility of workpiece cleaning, it is recommended that you choose a handheld laser cleaning machine.

If you need to clean workpieces regularly, a laser cleaning robot is your best choice, which can save your working hours and greatly improve plot efficiency.

Choose the laser cleaning machine power according to the material of the substrate.

Metal parts, polishing of injection molds, high-value items, cleaning of small areas. In this case, you can choose a low-power laser cleaning machine. For composite materials, clean large areas. It is recommended that you choose a medium-power laser cleaning machine. Medium-power laser cleaning machines are mainly used to remove oxides on the surface of objects. For industrial cleaning work, it is recommended to use a high-power laser cleaning machine. Pre-clean the workpiece surface.

To sum up, first of all, we must understand the material of the items we are cleaning is the key to purchasing a laser cleaning machine. NORMALTAN CHINA is committed to CNC laser services and will serve you wholeheartedly (