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How to choose a laser-cutting machine? What is the difference between a fiber laser cutting machine and a carbon dioxide laser cutting machine? Today Normaltan China will compare with you the difference between the following two devices.

How to choose a laser-cutting machine?

One article to understand the difference between the optical fiber and CO2 laser cutting machine

difference between the optical fiber and CO2 laser cutting machine

The medium of the laser is different

The CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine uses CO2 as the main medium, and O2, He, Xe, etc. as the auxiliary gas. The CO2 laser beam is reflected by the lens and focused on the laser cutting head.

Fiber laser cutting machines generate laser beams through diode pumps. Transmission to the laser cutting head via fiber optic cable.

Different cutting ability

CO2 laser engraving processing beam divergence is large. Suitable for cutting non-metallic materials. For example, wood, acrylic, paper, leather, fabric

Fiber laser cutting machine has the characteristics of high laser beam density, high intensity, and high conversion rate. Suitable for cutting metal materials. Such as stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, copper, aluminum, etc.

Equipment maintenance cost

The maintenance cost of carbon dioxide laser cutting machines is huge, among which the replacement price of front mirrors, tail mirrors, and turbine bearings is relatively high.

The fiber laser cutting machine is maintenance-free and has no consumables. Fiber laser cutting equipment has a high tolerance to dust, shock, shock, humidity, and temperature.

Processing cost

The carbon dioxide laser cutting machine not only consumes gas during processing but also has a photoelectric conversion rate of 8%-10%. The fiber laser cutting machine does not require any other consumption during processing, and its photoelectric conversion rate can reach 30%.

Through the above introduction, we see that the media used by the two devices are different. In terms of cutting efficiency, there are also some differences in maintenance costs. NORMALTAN CHINA has a complete range of products and complete specifications. Various cutting equipment can be customized and processed according to customer requirements. Please contact email: sales@normaltancn.com