About ‘CO2 Laser Cutter for DIY Hobbies’.How to choose the CO2 laser-cutting machine that best suits your needs? First of all, we must understand the material specifications of the workpiece we want to process.

How to Choose the Best CO2 Laser Cutting Machine for DIY Hobbies

CO2 Laser Cutting Machine for DIY Hobbies


The cutting of textile fabrics in the early stage, and the complicated processing such as grinding, embossing, and embossing in the later stage. All can be realized by a CO2 laser cutting machine. Not only convenient and fast but also with clear pattern and strong three-dimensional effect, the CO2 laser cutting machine is favored by manufacturers of shoes, hats, clothing, and luggage because of its convenient operation and small footprint. You can keep it at home and customize patterns for your favorite textiles anytime.


Acrylic is plexiglass, which is usually processed by a CO2 laser cutting machine. Widely used in the gift industry, furniture industry, and packaging industry. Commonly used in acrylic light boxes, packaging boxes, name tags, gift logos, tableware, cups, etc.


In the processing of leather products, the mainstream equipment in the market is a CO2 laser-cutting machine. It is not only efficient and precise but also capable of engraving complex patterns. It is commonly used in the cutting and engraving of leather bags, leather shoes, and leather fabrics.

Wooden handicrafts

CO2 laser cutting machine is favored by lovers of wooden DIY handicrafts. The designs of enthusiasts can be accurately “drawn” by laser equipment, showing different effects. The CO2 laser cutting machine can not only print marks on the surface of wood products but also can be used for engraving. Due to the non-contact processing, the CO2 laser cutting machine ensures the processing accuracy of the workpiece. Through computer software, the design of manual enthusiasts is directly input into the program, and the wood is processed by a laser cutting machine. It can not only meet the processing requirements of small batches but also realize the purpose of mass production. Commonly used in wooden logos, toys, plywood puzzles, statues, wooden decorations, etc.

To sum up, CO2 Laser Cutter for DIY Hobbies at home to realize personal DIY hobbies, and can also be mass-produced, which is efficient and convenient. If you have any questions about the CO2 laser cutting machine, please feel free to contact Normaltan China (sales@normaltancn.com)