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How to optimize the cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machines?

How to optimize the cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machines? Normaltan China discusses this topic with you.

If you want to Improving Cutting Quality of Laser Machines, the Prime Minister should summarize the following factors that affect the cutting quality.

optimize the cutting quality
  1. Good working environment.

Laser-cutting machines need a clean working environment during long-term operation. Dust removal is very important. Preventing dust from entering the electrical cabinet and damaging high-voltage components can ensure the normal operation of the laser cutting machine and the cutting quality of the equipment.

The working environment needs to be under constant temperature conditions (see the equipment instruction manual for details). Avoid the failure of the CNC system caused by the high indoor temperature, to ensure the cutting quality of the equipment. The humidity of the working environment is normally required to be less than 75%. Avoid condensation of water molecules on the circuit board of the drive unit, causing machine failure.

  1. Focus adjustment of cutting equipment

Laser beam focus diameter affects cutting accuracy. At the same time, the focal diameter is proportional to the focal depth of the focusing lens. The smaller the focal length, the smaller the focus diameter, the smaller the slit, and the better the cutting effect.

  1. Auxiliary gas

The higher the auxiliary gas pressure, the better the cutting effect on the workpiece surface. Compared with oxygen, nitrogen cutting is the most economical. The cutting rate of oxygen is the best. It depends on the cutting expectations of the user.

  1. Cutting speed

If the cutting speed is too fast, it is difficult for the workpiece to reach the expected cutting depth, causing flying sparks and damage to the lens. If the cutting speed is too slow, the over-melting of the workpiece will cause the cutting seam to widen and the heat-affected zone to increase. Therefore, the cutting speed has a great influence on the cutting quality.

  1. Workpiece roughness

The smoother the surface roughness of the workpiece, the better the cutting quality will be. It is necessary to ensure the working environment of laser cutting as much as possible.

  1. Laser cutting machine output power

The higher the output power of the fiber laser cutting machine, the better the cutting quality will be. When selecting equipment, users need to clarify the material and specifications of the processing material, especially the material thickness. Simply put, high power leads to better cutting quality.

To sum up, to optimize the cutting quality of the laser cutting machine, while ensuring the ideal working environment of the equipment, we must also pay attention to the internal factors of the equipment. Regarding the topic of optimizing the cutting quality of laser cutting machines, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us ( Normaltan China is committed to providing laser-cutting solutions and serving you wholeheartedly.