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key factors in choosing laser welder. This article elaborates on this topic in detail. Today, with the vigorous development of the manufacturing industry, laser welding machines are used in many industries, from automobile manufacturing, electronic products, jewelry, home appliances, or medical equipment to the electronics industry, laser welding machines play an important role. With the wide application of laser welding technology, its high efficiency, precision, and good welding effect have gradually replaced the traditional welding process.

What are the key factors in choosing the right laser welding machine for you?

What are the key factors in choosing the right laser welding machine for you?

How to choose a laser welding machine?

  1. The actual welding needs of users

Customize the type of laser welding machine according to the welding needs of users.If the workpiece is small-scale.Choosing the hand-held laser welding machine has the characteristics of  flexibility, beautiful weld seam, fast welding speed. It is worth considering buying. Suitable for smaller businesses.If users need to carry out batch welding work. it is more economical to choose large laser welding equipment.Suitable for medium and large enterprises.

  1. According to the user’s welding effect requirements

To give full play to the advantages of the laser welding machine in the welding process, we need to consider the power of the laser welding machine.Select the corresponding laser power according to the user’s needs for welding depth, as well as the material and thickness of the workpiece. Avoid the phenomenon that the actual welding effect is not strong due to the selected inappropriate power .

  1. According to the type of welding material required by the user

Laser welding machines currently on the market include CO2 laser welding machines, YAG laser welding machines, and fiber laser welding machines.

The corresponding workpieces of the laser welding machines

CO2 laser: Good at welding thick materials and thin materials for precision laser welding needs.

YAG laser: The welding spot is large, the pulse is narrow, and the processing range is wide.

Fiber laser: It can process thick plates with high efficiency and stable performance.

To sum up, regarding “key factors in choosing laser welder”, Normaltan China needs to consider the actual needs of customers. and then recommending laser welding machines for customers. Only from the user’s point of view,we could find the the best welding solution . NORMALTAN CHINA has a wide range of products. For the selection of laser welding machines, please feel free to contact us at sales@normaltancn.com