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Laser Welding Machine Troubleshooting Guide

Laser welding machine troubleshooting guide, today Normaltan China will explore laser welding machine-related issues with you.

Laser welding is a precision welding method that uses a laser beam as a heat source. It is characterized by high efficiency and simple operation. With the wide application of laser welding technology, it has been involved in electronic parts, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, and other fields. This article analyzes and sorts out several common problems in the operation of fiber laser welding machines.

Troubleshooting Guide

Problem 1. The welding effect is not ideal, and the weld seam is very black.

The operator of the fiber laser welding machine needs to check whether the protective gas ‘nitrogen’ has been used normally. Make sure the direction of nitrogen gas flow is correct.

Problem 2. Cracks appear in the weld seam

The cooling speed of the CNC laser welding machine is too fast, and the water temperature can be raised appropriately. At the same time, it is detected whether the flow rate of the shielding gas needs to be reduced.

Problem 3. Laser welding machine welding penetration is not enough

The pulse width and current can be improved, and the laser energy can be increased. Adjust the focus amount to get closer to the focus position. Make sure the amount of focus lens is correct.

Problem 4. The laser beam becomes weak during laser welding

Replace the cooling water and clean the UV glass tube and a xenon lamp. Check the focusing lens of the laser, and replace or clean it in time. Adjust the total reflection and semi-reflection light of the main optical path to ensure that the main optical path of the laser is not shifted. Check whether the shutter can pop open smoothly, and add lubricating oil if necessary. Finally, check whether the laser is output from the center of the nozzle, and adjust the 45° reflected light.

To sum up, most problems of fiber laser welding machines in daily work can be adjusted and solved. If you encounter other problems, you can refer to the equipment operation manual for troubleshooting, or you can directly contact the Normaltan China team for support (