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What materials are laser cutting machines suitable for?

What materials are laser cutting machines suitable for?N.C. Laser-cutting machines can cut a wide range of materials, including metal materials and non-metal materials.

Generally speaking, fiber laser cutting machines and solid-state laser cutting machines are mostly used for metal cutting, while high-power CO2 laser cutting machines have an absolute advantage in non-metallic materials.Let’s dive deeper into the concept behind ‘What materials are laser cutting machines suitable for’

What materials are laser cutting machines suitable for?

1. Metal:

Laser-cutting machines are commonly used to cut various types of metals, including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass, etc.

As a high-precision cutting and punching machine, the main application fields of laser equipment are high-precision cutting and punching operations of metal sheets in industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, and mobile phone digital products.

1.1 Carbon steel:

N.C. laser cutting system for carbon steel plate with δ=20mm can cut it directly, and the slit for the thin plate can reach 0.1mm. The heat-affected zone of laser cutting low carbon steel is not large, the cutting surface is flat and smooth, and has good verticality. For cutting high-carbon steel, the quality of the laser cutting edge is much better than that of low-carbon steel, high-carbon affected zone is relatively larger.

1.2 Stainless Steel:

Sheet stainless steel is easier to laser cut. The maximum thickness of cutting stainless steel can reach 4mm, using a high-power YAG laser cutting system. The low-power YAG laser cutting system can achieve a stainless steel cutting thickness of 4mm.

1.3 Cutting of alloy steel plate:

Most alloy steel can be cut by laser cutting machine, and the cutting edge quality is good. However, tool steel, hot die steel, etc. contain high tungsten elements, which will cause erosion and sticky slag during laser cutting.

1.4 Aluminum and alloy plate cutting:

Cutting for material aluminum belongs to fusion cutting. The laser cutting machine uses auxiliary gas to blow away the melt in the cutting area to ensure the quality of the cutting surface. At present, the maximum thickness of the N.C. laser cutting machine that can cut aluminum plates is 1.5mm.

1.5 Cutting of other metal materials:

Copper is not suitable for laser cutting, and the cut is relatively thin. Both titanium/titanium alloys and nickel alloys are laser cut.

Metal,Carbon steel,Stainless Steel,Alloy steel plate,Aluminum and alloy plate,Non-metallic materials

2.Processing of non-metallic materials: non-metallic categories

Carving horns, two-color plates, carved wood, acrylic, plastic, paper, rubber, leather, cloth fiber composite materials, and cutting of lacquered copper plates. The above materials are suitable for the CO2 laser cutting machine series.

Overall, laser cutters are versatile and can be used to cut a wide variety of materials, making them ideal for a variety of applications in industries such as manufacturing, engineering, and design.