reasons for laser cutting machine downtime

The Best Solution for Metal Tube and Square Tube Cutting:NORMALTAN CHINA Tube Laser Cutting Machine

NORMALTAN CHINA® laser tube cutting enables efficient processing of tubes. Fully automatic loading and unloading, saving time and effort. The equipment is equipped with special automatic programming nesting software, which can automatically program powerful application functions such as nesting, nesting, word processing, process setting, printing, transmission, import, perforation, micro-connection, cutting sequence, optimized cutting path and optimized speed.

Pipe laser cutting series:

Efficiency: The laser can cut several meters of pipe in one minute. The laser can process various shapes flexibly.


  1. High precision: laser processing adopts the same fixture system, the processing design is completed by programming software, and multi-step processing is completed at one time, the positioning accuracy is ±0.05mm/m
  2. Efficiency: pipe cutting speed is fast. Cutting speed: 120m/min
  3. Flexibility: It supports graphic formats such as PLT, DXF, BMP, AI, etc. It is convenient for designers to carry out complex designs. Maximize material management utilization.industry 4.0

Our functional features and comprehensive know-how support your tubes and profiles every step of the way through the machine. Every component is designed for optimal results. Really benefit every step of the way.


NORMALTAN CHINA® Metal Tube and Square Tube Cutting is designed for businesses concerned with quality profiles. Fully automatic loading and unloading, offline motion control can better improve work efficiency.

Tube Laser Laser Tube Cutting

Conventional welding of two separate parts.

Laser construction with curved connections and additional positioning elements.

Well structured:

NORMALTAN CHINA® HD/PC tube laser provides a full range of material processing capabilities, cutting thickness: 1-4mm

Rotary Chuck:

The digital display full-stroke chuck ensures more stable pipe clamping. Reduce the vibration of the processed pipe to ensure high precision of pipe processing. The digital detection is safe and intelligent, the design parameters of the components have a high safety factor, and the core components have a long life.

It can clamp square tube, round tube, oval tube, flat tube, triangular tube, I-beam and other profiles.

The main function:

Processing range: ∮20-180mm

Maximum raw material length: 12.2M

  1. B-axis maximum speed 120r/Min

The fastest moving speed of X.Y axis: 120M/Min