Laser marking machine

LM series

Laser marking machine

Laser marking machine features:

1)    Operate:

The laser can be operated directly through the control interface (USB), with no consumables, and the product depreciation cost is greatly reduced. It has high efficiency, long life.and maintenance-free performance that traditional lasers do not have.

2)   Application:

N.C. laser marking machine suitable for hardware tools, kitchenware, plastic products, computer health plate, integrated circuit, packaging bottles, glasses, sanitary faucets, and other product marking, as well as online electronic components, chips, color paper, and food packaging products such as laser marking.


Q1: I don’t know how to choose the Normaltan China Laser marking machine. 
Just tell us what your machine is used for and we will give you professional solutions and suggestions.

Q2: Can the machine be customized according to my requirements? 
Of course, we have a strong technical team and rich experience.

Q3: What about after-sales service? 
We provide 24 hour online video call to solve your problem, we can also provide overseas service to all parts of the world.

Q4: I don’t know how to use this machine. What should I do? 
We will send video and English manual with the machine. If you still have questions, we can talk by phone, Skype and email.

Q5: What should I do if something goes wrong with the machine under warranty? 
We will supply the parts under the warranty of the machine. We also provide lifelong after-sales service. So if there is any doubt, please let us know and we will give you a solution..