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What is the purpose of shielding gas in laser welding?

Laser welding has now surpassed traditional welding methods. It is widely used in all walks of life because of its simple welding process, small weld seam and good welding effect. What is the purpose of shielding gas in laser welding? Today, NORMALTAN CHINA will introduce you in detail of ‘Inert Gases in Laser Welding’.

purpose of shielding gas in laser welding

What is the use of the shielding gas of the laser welding machine:

  1. Protect the focusing lens

The laser welding machine will produce metal vapor and liquid droplets during operation. The shielding gas can protect the laser welding machine focusing lens from being splashed by these vapors and liquids during welding. The use of shielding gas is the most appropriate measure.

  1. Reduce ion shielding and enhance laser utilization

Laser welding machines form metal vapor when welding workpieces. This metal vapor has a shielding effect on the laser and will absorb part of the laser beam. Eventually, the penetration depth of the workpiece becomes shallower, and the surface of the molten pool becomes wider. Therefore, the use of protective gas plasma over-focusing during the welding process reduces the laser utilization rate.

  1. Avoid oxidation of the workpiece during welding

In the process of laser welding machine application, using nitrogen, argon, helium, and other inert gases, avoid laser oxidation of the workpiece during operation. Thereby playing the role of protecting the workpiece.

To sum up, the laser welding machine uses shielding gas to achieve the best utilization rate during use. The operation process is also very simple, before starting the laser welding machine, first, turn on the shielding gas. Thereby ensuring the welding effect of the laser welding machine and the safety of the working environment.

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