12 Steps to Using a Laser Cutter

12 Steps to Using a Laser Cutter. Before using the Normaltan laser cutting machine, we should do the following checks first.

steps using a laser cutting machine
  1. Preparations before using the laser cutting machine.

1.1 Working environment voltage

Whether the power supply voltage of your working environment is consistent with the rated voltage of the machinery and equipment we provide. This is the prerequisite for the safe use of the equipment to avoid unnecessary damage to the equipment.

1.2 Exhaust pipe placement

Whether the relevant exhaust pipe has been placed at the air outlet. Avoid obstructing air convection.

1.3 Workbench cleaning

Keep the working surface of the equipment clean to avoid other foreign objects hindering the normal operation of the equipment.

  1. Operation steps of Normaltan China laser cutting machine

(Remark: Please read the equipment manual carefully before use, maintenance, and installation)

2.1 Preparations

Before using the laser cutting machine, it is necessary to check whether the size and quality of the processed material meet the requirements. At the same time, the equipment needs to be cleaned to ensure its proper functioning. Fix the material to be cut on the working table of our cutting equipment, and perform precise positioning by adjusting the height and position of the working table.

2.2 Setting cutting parameters

Carefully study the type, thickness, shape, and processing requirements of the required cutting material. According to the manual, the cutting parameters of the laser cutting machine, such as laser power, cutting speed, scanning distance, focusing distance, etc.

2.3 Design drawings

Use CAD and other software to design the graphics to be cut, and convert the graphics into formats suitable for laser cutting machines, such as DXF or DWG. Program and typeset the drawings of the processed parts, and import the program into the cutting system of the laser cutting machine.

2.4 Parts inspection

Check the lens and nozzle before starting the machine, and select the appropriate lens/nozzle. Make sure the lens/nozzle is in good condition. Make sure it is cleaned.

2.5 Equipment debugging

Adjust the focus of the laser beam. Make sure the laser cutting head is adjusted to the proper focus position. Prepare a plastic test board, and place the laser cutting head on the plastic test board for laser beam printing (moving from top to bottom). The place where the printing diameter is the smallest is the focal point.

Adjust the laser cutter nozzle to the center position. The sensor of the laser cutting head needs to be calibrated.

2.6 Making cuts

Turn on the power of the laser cutting machine, and send the designed graphics to the laser cutting machine. According to the set cutting parameters, the laser cutting machine will automatically cut. During the cutting process, it is necessary to pay attention to the operating status of the equipment at all times and adjust it when necessary.

2.7 Verify assist gas

Check whether the gas ejection status is ideal according to the selected cutting gas.

2.8 Verify the quality of cutting material

Trial cutting for the material being processed. Carefully verify that the end face of the material cut is sufficiently smooth. Check the cutting accuracy of the laser cutting machine, and adjust the equipment parameters of the laser cutting machine in time to avoid the error of machine cutting.

2.9 Adjust the cutting head again

After adjusting the position of the cutting head of the laser cutting machine, the workpiece is cut.

2.10 Operator Qualification

During the operation of the laser cutting machine, the cutting of the workpiece material requires the presence of relevant staff to observe the whole process. In special cases, the staff can press the emergency stop button to reduce processing errors. Untrained employees are prohibited from operating the laser cutting machine.

2.11 Processing after the workpiece is completed

After the cutting work is completed, turn off the power of the laser cutting machine. Take out the finished material for subsequent processing, such as cleaning the corners and burrs.

2.12 Equipment maintenance

Keep the machine and working environment clean and perform daily maintenance of equipment.

  1. Precautions for laser cutting machine

3.1 Cutting head height

When the laser cutting machine is processing parts, it is forbidden to adjust the height of the laser cutting head. Avoid the risk of burn damage to equipment and materials.

3.2 Cutting head distance

The height of the cutting head of the laser cutting machine from the processing surface is prohibited to be adjusted casually. This height value should be adjusted according to the focal length of the equipped focusing lens.

The above are the precautions and basic operation steps of the laser cutting machine. For details, please refer to the N.C. equipment instruction manual. I hope that through this article, you can have a simple understanding of the operation process of laser equipment.