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laser technology,combating counterfeit products

The application and effect of laser technology in combating counterfeit products

In the fiercely competitive market, counterfeit and shoddy products have always been a headache. How to better protect your product intellectual property rights? The N.C. laser marking machine can leave permanent marks on the surface of your products, thereby eliminating the intrusion of counterfeit and inferior products.

As we all know, counterfeit and counterfeit products not only infringe on intellectual property rights, but also act as a threat to manufacturers, suppliers, and end users. It can penetrate into every link of the supply chain. According to ‘The Global Counterfeiting Report by the American Chamber of Commerce‘, the threat from counterfeit and substandard products continues to grow.

There are many ways to combat counterfeit products. Among them, the use of uniquely identifiable marks engraved on the surface of goods and accessories can effectively eliminate counterfeit and shoddy products. You can even permanently add your company logo, product identification code, and barcode to the product surface.

Since the resolution of the N.C. laser engraving machine can reach more than 1000 dpi, the marks you need can be completed on very small size parameters. Such as electrical devices, small accessories, etc.

Of course, we can design any mark to identify and trace the part. For products exported to the EU, the CE mark is necessary to indicate that N.C.’s laser marking machine can solve the problem of marking the surface of the product for you.

It is very important to eliminate counterfeiting in the supply chain. Using the N.C. laser system can provide simple and intuitive markings to prevent counterfeit and shoddy products.

For details about permanent marks and laser marking machines, please contact N.C. customer service directly. We are always at your service.We have the best technology and services to bring you the perfect laser engraving solution.