What are the advantages of fiber laser cutting compared with traditional cutting technology?

Today, Normaltan China will analyze the advantages of fiber laser cutting with you.

reasons for laser cutting machine downtime

Traditional cutting methods mainly include CNC shearing machines, punching machines, flame-cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, high-pressure water-cutting machines, etc., machining centers, punching machines, special fixtures, etc. Compared with traditional cutting methods, laser cutting has the following advantages:

Cost saving

The computer graphics program is adopted, and the laser cutting machine reduces the material loss rate and improves work efficiency.

High degree of automation and high precision

The laser cutting machine uses graphic design program software to generate drawings through computers. Improve cutting automation and processing accuracy. Improve production efficiency and achieve better cutting effect.

Good processing effect

The optical fiber CNC laser cutting machine has the characteristics of neat and smooth incisions, narrow cutting seams, etc., without secondary treatment.

Strong applicability

The laser cutting machine can be applied to metal and non-metal materials.

Advantages and disadvantages of traditional cutting methods

The flame-cutting machine mainly cuts thick steel plates above 40mm. The material loss rate is high, the slit is wide, the speed is slow, and the thermal deformation is large. Suitable for rough machining of sheet metal.

CNC shearing: CNC shearing machines are only suitable for straight-line cutting.

Plasma cutting: Similar to flame cutting, it is suitable for cutting thick plates, but the processed material has disadvantages such as large thermal deformation, large slope, and low precision.

Punching machine: It needs to be used in conjunction with the mold. The ability to process thick steel plates is poor. The surface of the steel plate is easy to collapse, and the mold loss is serious.

High-pressure water cutting: It is a CNC cutting technology that uses a high-speed water jet mixed with emery to cut metal sheets. Since there is no limit to the cutting material, it can cut various special materials such as ceramics, glass, aluminum, copper, etc. However, the cutting speed is slow, the environmental protection is poor, and the material loss rate is high.

To sum up, it is a trend for laser cutting machines to replace traditional cutting machines. Based on the principle of economy, the application of laser-cutting machines in various fields is becoming more and more widespread. If you have needs for laser cutting machines, Normaltan China is always at your service (sales@normaltancn.com)