What are the differences between laser marking machines and laser engraving machines?

What are the differences between laser marking machines and laser engraving machines? As we all know, laser marking machines and laser engraving machines are all processed by laser cutting, and both of these devices are classified as advertising equipment. Today, Normaltan China will elaborate on the difference between the following two

differences between laser marking machines and laser engraving machines
  1. Working principle

The working principle of the laser marking machine: While the laser beam oxidizes the surface of the workpiece, its appearance is changed but not completely burned away. The most common form of laser marking machines is an oxidation process that takes place on the surface of the material, turning the color of the material black. The advantage of this kind of marking is that it can guarantee that the material of the product is intact.

Working principle of laser engraving machine: Laser engraving is to remove a certain depth of workpiece surface material. In this way, a tactile sensation is produced when the finger touches the surface of the workpiece. Generally, it can be applied to materials such as plastic, steel, glass, wood, and even leather. In laser engraving, the laser beam Chen Sheng’s logo will never disappear.

  1. The effect of processed products is different

Laser engraving machines can engrave more complex and shaped objects. The laser marking machine platform can only adjust the focal length left and right, which is suitable for plane engraving.

  1. Processing depth

The laser marking machine processes 0.5mm on the surface of the material. The processing depth of the laser engraving machine ranges from 0.1mm to 100mm.

  1. Processing rate

The engraving cutting speed of the laser engraving machine is 200mm/s, and the engraving speed is 500mm/s. Laser marking machines are three times faster than laser engraving machines.

  1. Laser generator

The laser generator of the laser engraving machine is a carbon dioxide glass test tube. Its service life is generally 2000-10000 hours. The laser generator of the laser marking machine is a metal hose laser generator (non-metal marking machine) and a YAG fiber laser (metal material laser marking machine), and its service life is generally about five years.

  1. Field of application

Laser marking machine: Electronic devices, hardware accessories, IT industry chain, communication industry, equipment processing, and manufacturing, Food and Drug Administration, medical machinery, clock myopia glasses, handicraft products, precious metal ornaments, leather products, and clothing, packaging and packaging printing stoves, precision hardware, decoration Products, electric welders household appliances, instruments, electronic components, cable speed limit, reflective stickers, plastic function keys, sapphire, laminated glass, floor tiles, aluminum alloy plates, signage, precision hardware, clock myopia glasses, decoration Products, porcelain, clothing, leather products, handicraft products, packaging, advertising, wood, textiles, plastics, signs, electronic device communications, clocks, myopia glasses, packaging printing, decorative design, food printing industry, packaging industry, etc.

Laser engraving machine: Shop plaques, architectural model making, industrial models, vehicle models, ship model solid models, arts and crafts, gifts, souvenirs, notes, powder boxes, pendants, glasses frames, silver ornaments, engineering building decoration materials, plexiglass plate processing craft, etc.

To sum up, both laser marking machines and laser engraving machines use the laser as the driving force of production, but there are many differences in their fields of use and working principles. In practical applications, the correct machine should be selected according to the user’s processing requirements. NORMALTAN CHINA has many years of experience in producing laser cutting machines and laser marking machines. Serve you wholeheartedly (sales@normaltancn.com)