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What are the precautions for a CO2 laser cutting machine in thick acrylic cutting?

What are the precautions for a CO2 laser cutting machine in thick acrylic cutting? Today, Normaltan China will discuss this topic with you.

The CO2 laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting acrylic and ceramics. It is mainly used in the field of advertising decoration and craft gifts. Compared with traditional cutting machines, CO2 laser cutting machines have high working efficiency, small heat-affected zone, beautiful cutting seams, and are economical and applicable.

The acrylic part cut by the laser beam is smooth and polished, without the need for subsequent processing, which greatly increases the work efficiency.

precautions for a CO2 laser cutting machine in thick acrylic cutting

Before the CO2 laser cutting machine processes acrylic material, you need to pay attention to the following items,

  1. The power of the laser-cutting machine

For CO2 laser cutting acrylic, the power needs to be selected according to the thickness. For example, 3mm acrylic needs to use 150W or 200W power equipment. If you cut 25mm acrylic, you need 250W or 400W equipment.

  1. Lens for laser cutting machine

The cleanliness of the lens of the laser-cutting machine will affect the laser power, thereby affecting the final material-cutting effect. So every time you turn on the device, you must check the cleanliness of the lens. Make sure that the lens is free of dust to ensure the focus and power of the laser equipment. Polished edges can only be achieved by ensuring the cleanliness of the lens.

  1. The focal length of the laser-cutting machine

When cutting thicker acrylic materials, adjusting the focal length is conducive to the concentration of laser energy. Lenses with longer focal lengths generally spread focus and ensure straighter cuts. This avoids sloped or uneven edges.

To sum up, laser cutting acrylic sheet requires equipment inspection before starting up. The operator should ensure that the power of the equipment, the transmittance of the lens, and the focal length are adjusted to an appropriate state. Ensure a clean and smooth cutting effect on the cutting surface. Normaltan China has rich experience in laser cutting and will serve you wholeheartedly.

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